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“The most fulfilling times in my life are those times when I am helping others” –  Charmaine J Forde

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About WeHelp2clean?

WeHelp2Clean is a free cleaning program to help those recovering from cancer related surgery, or those in active treatment. I created this in memory of my Mum Linda who lost her battle with bowel cancer when she was only 45, and all my other family members and friends who have also lost the battle.

I know first hand the effects cancer treatment and surgery can have on a person, and how it can affect a person's ability to do those little jobs around the house that would normally be easy.

A clean, sanitised home is critical for a compromised immune system, patient care and recovery.

My hope in the future would be that others will join me in volunteering their time to help others.


My name is Karen Burgess

This program has been a goal of mine for a long time. I have lost both my parents to cancer, and many relatives and friends. Loosing my Aunty Maureen a few years ago to breast cancer really got me thinking how could I help others in their time of need when they are going through treatment or recovering from surgery. She had mastectomy surgery and did not have anyone to help her at home - I was living in QLD and she was in NSW. I felt helpless not being able to be there for her. 

There is limited assistance available, normally has a cost involved and paperwork involved (depending on what state you live in).

So that is when I decided to create something that would be easy to access, and free.

I own a business called Help2Clean that sells cleaning products to Childcare centres across Australia. Income from this business is used to help fund this volunteer program. The more income I can get from Help2Clen, the more days I can volunteer my time.

My goal is to be volunteering my time 5 days per week.

Please see the Help page for more information on this.

  •     I use the Koh range of cleaning products which are GECA Certified so they have no nasties and are eco friendly, and are fragrant free

  •     I am up to date with all my vaccinations (as required to volunteer at a hospital). I am happy to provide if requested.


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Cleaning the Counter

How it works:

Who is eligible

WeHelp2Clean understands the impact of having to worry about your home when your not feeling your best both physically and mentally due to cancer.

To be eligible you or the person you are applying for must be currently receiving treatment for a type of cancer, and or is recovering from a cancer specific surgery.


Each person will receive four free home cleans - that can be one clean a week for a month or it can be one clean a month over four months. You can choose. Each clean can be for up to 2 hours.

Currently I can offer this service to people who live in the Toowoomba area and the surrounding suburbs (up to 15km's.  

What is provided?

General house cleaning jobs such as:

  • Vacuuming

  • Mopping floors

  • Cleaning bathrooms and toilets

  • Wiping down kitchen benches

**General cleaning does not include more detailed jobs such as cleaning ovens, windows). 

Want to help?

Help me help others

WeHelp2Clean is a volunteer program - by supporting me you will be supporting our community and those that need some help.

Help2Clean is a distributor of cleaning products to Childcare Centres across Australia - we sell the range of Earth Renewable cleaning products to centres, and the money we make from this helps us with this volunteering program.
The more centres who order though our website, the more we can help our community.

Please visit to place your order, or click on the below contact me button to send me a message and I will be in touch.



Need help?

Please fill in the below details and I will be in touch to discuss how I can help.

                              Thanks for submitting!

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